The Bloggers and the Blog

Let’s Make Whoopie…Pies was a blog conceived by Courteney and Becky (the main posters) with the objective to introduce the world to whoopie pies, baking, and how they intertwine with our lives.

The Bloggers

During the workday (and sometimes beyond), Courteney and Becky are cancer researchers scientists who work across the hall from one another.  Though work on different types of (scientific) research, they are united by their love of baking.  And science, sarcastic comments, random conversations, and observations about the world – all of which will probably make an appearance in this blog.

Courteney started baking with her Mom for school fundraisers in elementary school.  After taking a hiatus during high school, she started again in university, beginning with cookies, and branching out from there to include a loaf phase, a cheesecake phase, a cake phase, muffin phase, and currently, with the purchase of her very first cookie scoop, a resurgence of the cookie phase.  Her baking habits can best be described as “Infrequently, but in large quantities” as it is not unusual for her to spend an afternoon baking a few dozen cookies (“few” meaning, like, 8-10) and a cake or two, then not bake for the next month.  Her pride also (usually) prevents her from allowing others (i.e. her coworkers and extended family, who are consistent recipients of her baking output) from tasting previously-untested and/or failed ventures.  Thankfully, Courteney has a wonderful family who is willing to act as taste-testers/help destroy evidence.  Courteney’s posts are characterised by their length, wordiness, tangents, nerdy jokes, and references to smutty celebrity gossip.

Becky also started baking, as most girls do, with her mom. Although there was likely a reason for the baking, all Becky remembers about it was wanting to eat the dough. This is still an ongoing addiction for which she is seeing a counselor. There are many days that Becky tries to come up with an excuse to bake just so she can eat the dough/batter. It is not a good situation. Besides Whoopie Pies, Becky is known for baking tasty cakes and her coworkers often request her to bake them for whatever reason they deem as suitable (although Becky sometimes has a hand in creating these excuses). In general now for potlucks she is no longer even allowed to suggest that anyone else bring desserts. She also loves to bake cookies and cupcakes (thanks to the Martha Stewart collection of cookbooks on these subjects) and any other tasty treat. Although most of her energy in the kitchen is spent on baking, she also enjoys cooking but since it isn’t as easily shared (especially since she lives alone) she would rather be baking! She is a sucker for kitchen gadgets and frequently raves on about her 3 sizes of cookie scoops (one for small cookies or mini-muffins, one for cookies, and one for cupcakes/muffins) and gives “the perfect size” (1.5 inch) of cookie scoops as gifts. Of course the most important tool in the kitchen is her much-loved and frequently-used KitchenAid Stand Mixer, which may have inspired the paint choice in her kitchen (it is red). Some have asked her how she expects to keep up a blog on Whoopie Pies as there is not a lot to say on them but she is passionate about these treats and if they fail her, there will always be other baking to write on!

How did Let’s Make Whoopie…Pies start?

One day, Becky started telling Courteney about the “whoopie pies” she was making for her work Christmas party. She had made them before but these were the first from her new cookbook!  Courteney can’t remember her exact reply, but she imagines it went something along the lines of  – “Whoopie pie?  What’s that?  It sounds rude” – since, with the mentality of a 12 year old boy (no offense to the 12 year old boys out there in the world), a whoopie pie sounded a lot like a whoopie cushion (Becky thinks it is funny that Courteney thought of whoopee cushions prior to thinking of what a lot of other people consider “whoopie”).  Thankfully, Becky had the patience and presence of mind to explain what exactly a whoopie pie was and, clever enough to promise to save one for Courteney so that she, too, could be indoctrinated into the world of the whoopie pie. These ones were Gingerbread with a Maple Cream Cheese filling – divine!

One lunch hour, Becky shared her not-so-secret fantasy to own a Whoopie Pie shop, which, to use a science term, was the catalyst for this website.  Before anyone knew it, the two of them were planning the start-up store, how it would run, and even brainstorming/debating flavours (and of course the name).  But while it’s all a fun dream, the girls decided to start small: with a blog.  Here, they could write about whoopie pies, baking, test flavours and recipes, and tell the world about whoopie pies.  This is that blog.  Where it will go from here?  Only time (and blog posts) can tell…


3 responses to “The Bloggers and the Blog

  • Joan

    I have a question. When making chocolate whoopie pies from one batch of batter each panful look different-color, texture, etc. What’s up with that?

    • letsmakewhoopie

      Hi Joan – is it the same recipe? I don’t think I have made the same recipe before back-to-back to notice it. My best guesses would be that either there is a slightly different amount of cocoa or flour from batch to batch. The other thing that would change the colour would be the acidity. This can affect how red or brown the cocoa appears (and it is the reason why Red Velvet cakes appear redder after you add the vinegar and buttermilk and bake them). Sorry that I don’t have a concrete answer!

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