The Search for Courteney (aka Mint Chocolate Baileys Chocolate Mint Whoopie Pies)

Written by Courteney


While I am fully aware that putting my name in the title of a blog post is (a) incredibly conceited, and (b) completely irrelevant to the topic of this post, I felt that the occasion of my months-long absence from this blog required some sort of acknowledgment.  That, and maybe Becky will stop bugging me to churn out this post I’ve been holding on to. (Just kidding!)

A few months ago, a two friends and I decided to celebrate the end of the school year by having a girls’ Hockey and Baking night.  The original plan was to bake whoopie pies while watching the hockey game (it was the San Jose Sharks vs. the Vancouver Canucks, in SJ).  In typical fashion, it became a sushi and hockey gabfest, followed by baking later on the evening.  Nevertheless, we did complete our night with Chocolate Mint Whoopie Pies spiked with Mint Chocolate Baileys!

For the cookie-cakes, we used the Classic Chocolate Whoopie Pie recipe from the Whoopie Pies cookbook by Sarah Billingley and Amy Treadwell, with the slight modifications of using a full cup of unsweetened cocoa powder and adding an additional 1/4 – 1/3 cup of Mint Chocolate Baileys.

Mint Chocolate Baileys - the Baker's Aid

The girls had a lot of fun learning to use my cookie scoop.  Below, you can see the various attempts over the rounds:

The Full Scoop

The Half-Scoop










For the icing, we wanted a mint buttercream icing, because few things go better with chocolate than mint!  We modified the mint buttercream frosting recipe from the Whoopie Pies cook book by substituting the vanilla extract with 1 tablespoon of Mint Chocolate Baileys, and adding drops of psychedelic (my descriptor; not seen on the box) neon green food colouring while mixing until it turned an appropriate shade of green.

Bright green! (sorry for the blurry picture)

After the cakes cooled, we got to assemble them.  We did a ceremonial picture for the first:

Do you like how the colour of the knife matches the icing?

But in reality, we really made about double this much:



An afternote:  I threw one into the freezer for about a week for a friend of mine.  Interestingly, although we had all commented that the whoopie pies could have used a little (lot) more Baileys flavour, as most of it got baked out, storing the whoopie pies for a few days brought the boozy flavour out.


One response to “The Search for Courteney (aka Mint Chocolate Baileys Chocolate Mint Whoopie Pies)

  • rebecca

    That is so interesting that the flavor was stronger after being in the freezer! I always freeze leftover frostings when I make too much and now I need to pay more attention to the flavor post-freezing!

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