Whoopie Pie Pans: The Pros and Cons

Written by Courteney

One frequent question that comes up when we talk about whoopie pies is the cookie: how do we make them?  Generally, I tell people there are two choices:  you can spoon/scoop them (using a spoon or a cookie scoop) or you can pipe them (i.e. like icing).  I always go for the scooping option, as (a) I like my cookie scoop, even if it is too big for a whoopie pie, and (b) I don’t have the tips or the piping skills to pipe them.  Becky has piped them once, to my recollection, and they turned out beautifully.

However, there is another option.  A few months ago, Becky sent me a link for whoopie pie pans.  Apparently, someone out there thought, “We have muffin pans, brownie pans, muffin top pans – why not whoopie pie pans?” and a creation was born!

Pros:  Quality control, mass production, efficiency, branding
By providing a standard size for your whoopie pie cakes, you never have to worry about matching sizes to get equal-sized tops and bottoms (something I tend to encounter when scooping/spooning).  This also allows you to streamline your assembly line and mass produce.

I caught an episode of NCIS: LA one night a couple weeks ago.  During the episode, the main cast was tracking a killer who had left a fortune cookie at/near the scene (this was not an integral part of the story, but stay with me here).  Apparently, every fortune cookie is labelled with a tiny microscopic brand that allows you to trace back the fortune cookie to its maker.  Don’t ask me if this is really true or a construct that was created to fit the plot line, but that got me thinking: wouldn’t that be a great way for self-advertisement?  If you could ‘brand’ every one of your whoopie pies with your store name, logo, or url, then you’d have your own edible advertisement of deliciousness!  And, short of actually creating a brand and burning it into each of your whoopies (because, well, burned, ew, duh), what would be the easiest way to accomplish this?  Why, having custom-made whoopie pie pans with your advertisement as a part of your pan, of course!  BRILLIANT!

Cons: May not be any faster, extra washing, builds sides on the cake/cookies, may bake a crust around the pan-sides
A couple issues here.  First, the speed you are able to produce whoopie pies will be limited by the number of pans you have.  Presumably, you won’t have unlimited numbers of pans, so every time you run out, you will have to wash the pans.  This takes time, effort, and water (this is also true if you have unlimited pans, although it wouldn’t impact the rate you put out batches).  Second, scooping and spooning do not really take that much time, so I question if using a pan will really speed up the baking process.  Third, in a pan, you will basically be creating whoopie pies in a cylindrical fashion.  Only you can decide how you feel about edges to your whoopie pies.  Finally, because 2/3 of your edges are in contact with the pan, it is likely you may bake a crust on these sides.  I wonder if this will change the appearance and/or taste of your whoopie pies.

Since I haven’t actually tried these pans, I don’t feel like it would be fair to pass judgement on these pans at this point in time.  I’ll keep this list going, so chime in – what is your opinion on the whoopie pie pan?


5 responses to “Whoopie Pie Pans: The Pros and Cons

  • SB

    This post sounds very scientific. Really, the “cons” section reads like a description of the limitations of an experimental setup. Mmmmm such a tasty experimental setup….

  • rebecca

    Over the past year, I have made A LOT of whoopie pies as part of a little project on my blog. A few months into it, I bought the Whoopie Pie pan from Williams Sonoma to try it out.

    Truly, the only benefit of the pan is that it is a novel concept. Otherwise, I really did not like the pan at all.

    Your observation that it slows down the process is absolutely correct. I am a baker who likes to have pan ready to go into the oven as soon as one is done baking. Since I only had one pan, that was not really a possibility. I much prefer having three or four parchment paper lined baking sheet to use.

    Second, the batter in the pan takes on a “leg” base that you would love to have when baking French Macarons but not Whoopie Pies. The Whoopie Pies were just not pretty.

    And last, since Whoopie Pie batter is thicker, it was really hard to get the batter perfectly in the pan and that resulted in not-so-astethically pleasing Whoopie Pans.

    Personally, I use a 1M giant Wilton tip and pipe my Whoopie Pie batter onto a parchment-lined cookie sheet. It allows for a lot of control over the size and shape of each pie. Additionally, the swirl from the tip bakes into the pie and makes them super cute!

    • letsmakewhoopie

      I have to comment to you as well Rebecca! I subscribed to your blog just after we started this one to get the Whoopie Pie posts but love all of your posts! There have been many times that I laugh and think we are very alike! (Like a recent post about how you were going to make cupcakes as your welcome package! I would totally think that!)
      -written by Becky

      • rebecca

        Aw, thanks!!!

        I am really enjoying your blog as well! When my Whoopie Pie Wednesday project ends next week, I am counting on Let’s Make Whoopie…Pies to give me my weekly Whoopie Pie fix. I am afraid I might go through Whoopie Pie Withdrawal otherwise.

  • letsmakewhoopie

    Sonja: Clearly, I lifted the ‘cons’ from the ‘limitations and error’ section of an old lab report…

    Rebecca: Wow, I am so excited you found our blog! Your Whoopie Pie Wednesdays are an inspiration to us here at Lets Make Whoopie…Pies! Thank you for the input from one who has actually used a whoopie pie pan!

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