Does Size Matter??

written by Becky

The constant question of size… it is applied to pretty much every aspect of life but it has yet to be discussed for Whoopie Pies. As I have 3 perfectly sized cookie scoops, I feel like I easily qualify to discuss this matter thoroughly  (well not that thoroughly as how much is there really to say? Actually this post is longer than I had anticipated!)

Originally I bought the smallest cookie scoop (one inch) – seemed like a good size for most cookies. Quickly I realized it made cookies better suited to… uh… well those with small appetites for sweets (maybe Courteney sized?). I am rather fond of sweets so I often required more than one (I won’t put in a real number here) portion of these puny treats.

Next came the big daddy of cookie scoops. The two inch diameter of this scoop produced cookies the size that you frequently get at coffee shops or bakeries. Even with my love of cookies, this size cookie were what the Cookie Monster would call a “sometimes food” (cookies should always be in moderation but these giant cookies should really only be consumed after running a marathon). I did realize that this size was ideal for muffins and cupcakes though. Perfectly, evenly sized portions every time!

Finally, I found it – the one-and-a-half-inch scoop. I had to really search for it as I could only find the metal ones in the States but finally I found it. And didn’t buy it. I figured I had enough with two but after not buying it, I realized I really NEEDED it. So I asked a friend going South shortly after I first saw it to pick it up for me. And it really is the perfect size for cookies. I love it and have given it as gifts to several people. Most recently I gave one to my friend as a wedding shower gift (along with a giant cookie sheet). The last time I was at the couple’s house, the newlywed husband was exclaiming that he loved it! Not just for cookies but he used it to perfectly portion the filling for perogies! And my friends and I find it is the perfect size for cake pops too!

Now on to Whoopie Pies – the whole point of this blog!

I did a test run (as can be seen by the pictures!) Before baking, it is really rather difficult to understand the size difference of these scoops and how I can have such strong opinions of the varying size of cookies produced. But after baking, it is a little more apparent.
And once they are assembled, the Whoopie Pie sizes are demonstrated easily. I like to call the little guys “Whoopie Juniors” while the middle size is the regular size (recommendations on names are definitely accepted!) and the monster size ones in my head are either “Man-sized”, “Shareable Size” or “American Sized”. Now I don’t mean the last name as a slam on Americans – I am just pointing out that this is the size that is sold in the States and shown in every picture I have seen of someone eating a Whoopie Pie. These guys are pretty much the size of a smallish hamburger. That is a lot of Whoopie to me! Since the actual size is sort of hard to tell from the pictures (even with a lovely hand model – myself), I will point out that the big-daddy sized Whoopie Pies are nicely modeled by Colin in How to Eat a Whoopie Pie.

So, does size matter??


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