How to Eat a Whoopie Pie: A Public Service

Written by Courteney

Seeing as not a lot of people out there know what a whoopie pie is, we here at Let’s Make Whoopie…Pie thought we would provide a public service in the form of a whoopie pie-eating primer.

Special thanks to one of our wonderful whoopie pie tester and whoopie-pie model, Colin, whoopie pie tester and photographer Victoria, and to our chief baker Becky for the whoopie pie!

How to Eat a Whoopie Pie

In Six Easy Steps

Step 1: Obtain the Whoopie Pie


“Wow! A GIANT whoopie pie just appeared in my hand! This is incredible!”

As you can see, the first step to eating a whoopie pie is obtaining one.  As you can see, Becky graciously provided a GIANT-sized whoopie pie that is almost the size of Colin’s hand.  The obtaining step is also an excellent time to admire the whoopie pie.  Note the size, shape, symmetry, colouring, and cookie-to-icing ratio in anticipation of the taste.

Step 2: Take the First Bite of the Whoopie Pie

"OMFG! This is AMAZING!!"

Unfortunately, Colin was so enamoured with his whoopie pie, we didn’t manage to capture the actual first bite.  We do, however, have Colin’s incredible reaction to said first bite.  I think the face says it all: it was so much better than anything he imagined!

Step 3: Savour the First Bite of the Whoopie Pie (Optional)

"Yum! I like this tasty treat!"

As stated in above, this step is optional. If the whoopie pie is full of ridiculous deliciousness, feel free to skip this step and move on to Step 4.

Step 4: Eat the Whoopie Pie

"Stop taking pictures and let me eat! I'm ignoring you now"

At this point, I think Colin just went for it.  Clearly, the man wanted to enjoy his whoopie pie.  I don’t really think this step requires instructions.  The ‘bite, chew (optional but recommended in order to appreciate the flavour of the whoopie pie), swallow, repeat’ is a pretty well-ingrained habit in most people.  Colin kind of looks like he loved the whoopie pie so much he just wants to fill his mouth with the yumminess.  To me, that feels like high praise.  Success!

Step 5: Evaluate the Whoopie Pie

Clearly, Colin approves.

Take a minute to evaluate the taste of the cookie, the icing, and the combination of flavours.  Rate the texture and moist-ness of the cookie.  Pass judgement on the whoopie pie.  As you can see, Colin approves.  Clearly.  With a little bit of crazy-eye.  If he starts whispering about his “Precious”, we might have to stage an intervention.

Step 6: Enjoy the Whoopie Pie


Just enjoy.


6 responses to “How to Eat a Whoopie Pie: A Public Service

  • Samantha Bangayan

    Omigoodness!! How did I not know about your blog?! =) Whoopie pies look delish!! Must post recipes! =)

    I’ve subscribed! Looking forward to reading more about whoopie pies and the like! =)

    • letsmakewhoopie

      Aww you’re welcome! I love your blog 🙂
      Thanks for adding me to your blogroll, too!! My friend Becky and I just started the blog recently, so we’re just starting to tell people about it 🙂

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