Cupcake/cake recipes for Whoopies?

Written by Becky

So the problem with Whoopie Pie’s (if I can say that there is a problem) is that there just are not enough recipes out there for them! There are only3 cookbooks, each with less than a couple dozen recipes (which mostly overlap with each other). There are also at least another half dozen cookbooks coming out this year (they say it is the Year of Whoopie Pies!) but they aren’t released yet. This means there is still a lot of creative recipes to invent for Whoopie Pies! So my question (as well as a friend at work’s) is whether cupcake/cake recipes can be used or if they need to be altered to make Whoopie Pies. Also, since I already have the fabulous Martha Stewart Cupcake book, I was really hoping that these recipes would be usable for Whoopies.

I was already making a cake this week for a friend’s birthday on Wednesday. Since I like to workout late on Tuesday’s, I figured it would be easier to make the cake on the weekend and freeze the cakes until Tuesday when I make the icing and assemble the cake. (I shall post pics of the finished cake plus the recipe later… even though this isn’t a cake blog!) At the same time, this gave me an excuse to try a cake recipe for Whoopie Pies. I made only two cookies (so what would be one pie) for this experiment as I wanted to still have lots of batter for the cake.

The answer: FAIL! No, cakes/cupcakes are not the same as Whoopies! Although the cake batter sat nicely on top of the cookie “sheet” when I first put the mounds down, they spread way too much when baked and just ended up flat circles! Well, very tasty flat circles. It was a shame to have to eat them really (haha, right, I was REALLY disappointed!) as they were so flat… and chocolatey and moist! Really they had the ideal taste for a chocolate Whoopie Pie that I am looking for but they just weren’t the right texture to hold their shape. (But I am VERY excited about the cake on Wednesday, I think it will be amazing!)

My next thought was to take a more systematic approach and compare a bunch of cupcake recipes to a bunch of Whoopie Pie recipes. Here is what I found, the only real difference I could decipher was the number of eggs: Whoopie Pies have generally about half as many eggs, a little less liquid and sometimes less butter. Here are the general ratios:
Cupcakes: 1 cup flour:1-2 eggs : 1/2-1 cup sugar : 1/4-1/2 cup liquid : 1/4-1/2 cup butter
Whoopie Pies: 1 cup flour : 1/2-1 egg : 1/2-1 cup sugar : 1/4 cup liquid : 1/4 cup butter

Next experiment? Trying a cupcake/cake recipe and altering the number of eggs and amount of liquid to see if I can make a Whoopie Pie out of it! Should be fun! I’ll keep you posted of course!


4 responses to “Cupcake/cake recipes for Whoopies?

  • Gonzalo Gaspard

    There are so many cake recipes to choose from but i always want those cake recipes with choclate chip cookies in it. ,’;:`

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  • gina

    I just came across your blog after I googled ‘can you use a cupcake recipe for whoopie pies’ good to know I’m not alone in this quest!!! LOL! So….did you try to alter any recipes yet? Also, have you ever tried one of those whoopie pans to bake the pies in? I bought one from Williams Sonoma but it gave the pies a weird thick base that almost looked like a shelf, wasn’t very attractive…the only plus is the pies are always equally the same size.

    • bexbakesandcakes

      I haven’t tried any other cupcake recipes yet as I have enough Whoopie Pie recipes to last me awhile yet! Do you have a particular recipe in mind?

      I am with you on the pans, although I haven’t actually tried one yet, I think it would totally change the shape and look of the pies. You can get all of the pies to be equally sized by using a cookie scoop instead!

      • gina

        no recipes specifically, was just wondering if there was an easy way to convert back and forth from cupcake to whoopie pie (as in converting the recipe). That’s the hardest part I find with my blog is deriving recipes from scratch, it’s a real science finding the perfect balance, you know!? Anyway so glad I found you and looking forward to what you’ve got in store next! Take care!

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