Traditional Whoopie Pies: A Poll

Written by Courteney

Today, Becky made two traditional whoopie pie recipes.  Vote which one you liked best!


6 responses to “Traditional Whoopie Pies: A Poll

  • Michelle

    Both were tasty…I thought for sure Martha’s dark would be chocolatier but I think the King Arthur was ahead in that. Martha’s did look much nicer though. I think you can perfect the whoopie to something much grander than it’s humble roots with your own creations. I vote you try to adapt Tina’s Guiness cupcake recipe with Bailey/Rum icing….mmm….best cupcakes ever. I will selflessly volunteer myself for taste testing.

  • SB

    Why is there no sad-puppy-eyes-please-leave-some-for-me-next-time option?? 😉

  • SB

    She tried to, but I got her text message after leaving the lab! Thanks anyway, it’s super sweet of you 🙂

    • SB

      I just had a chance to try them! Thanks, Becky and Courteney! Both kinds were delicious but I have a slight preference for the Martha Stewart ones. But I think you guys need to do a double-blind trial next time. 😉

      This important question, finding out which recipe makes the tastiest whoopie pie, will certainly require further empirical research. I would be delighted to take part in future studies 🙂

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