It’s Pi day! In my world, that means Whoopie Pies!

Written by Becky

Aiming to Perfect the Classic Chocolate Whoopie Pie with Marshmallow Fluff Filling in honour of Pi Day! (After making them I realized it isn’t worth perfecting this recipe! Better to just make my own creations!)

To be honest, I had never actually heard about Pi day before – Courteney told me about it and after a moments thought, I realized what she meant: Pi day – Pi as in the “value of the ratio of a circle’s area to the square of its radius” (approximately 3.14159265) – is March 14 (3-14). So I figured this was a great excuse to make Whoopie Pies for a bunch of science “geeks” at work (besides the fact that I had been promising quite  few of them that I would bring some in so everyone could try Whoopie Pies!)

I decided on the Classic Chocolate Whoopie Pies with Marshmallow Fluff Filling for two reasons: I wasn’t that happy with the chocolate Whoopie recipe I had tried before (as mentioned in the post about “A Hot Whoopie Pie Creation“) and wanted to try a new one, and because I bought the original Marshmallow Fluff last weekend I wanted to know what the Original Whoopie Pie tasted like! Problem is, there are quite a few recipes out there… so I decided to try two! I know, I have issues – I may be a little indecisive and a bit of a perfectionist!

The first one was from King Arthur’s Flour and although it had decent reviews, it didn’t actually differ that much from the one in the Whoopie Pie book. But it claimed to be true to the original (although other sources say the cookie/cakes are supposed to be made with shortening).

The second recipe is from Martha Stewart’s Cookies cookbook. A similar recipe is found here although it is not identical (I halved the recipe in the book so it was the same size as the one on the website except that the book one has 1/2 TB baking soda, 1/2 tsp baking powder, 1/2 cup butter instead of butter + shortening, all white sugar, and buttermilk instead of regular milk).

Based on looks, I would say Martha has the better recipe. Furthermore, the smell of these ones are divine! So much chocolatier! Taste – well, a little disappointing actually. Both are a little crumblier than what I would like. Sort of like a cake’ish-brownie. It isn’t bad, just not quite what I wanted! I was hoping for moist, taste, chocolatey goodness. I shall have to see what my co-workers think but I think I am still looking for the perfect recipe!

So onto the filling! To make the classic, it has to be the Fluff + shortening (check out the recipe/blog from King Arthur’s Flour for more info on this if you really care why!) Again, there are many recipes – some have more fluff, some have more shortening. I went with the recipe in the Whoopie Pie book (jar of Marshmallow Fluff + 1 cup shortening + 1 cup icing sugar + 1 tsp clear vanilla). The texture is quite different from what I am used to for icing, I think it is the Fluff/shortening combo. And the taste is uninspiring: it is sort of just a bland white slightly sugary mixture. Blah.

So yes, overall I am not into the classic recipe. I think it was a good experiment to do but I don’t think I will be buying Fluff again and I will have to keep looking for a great chocolate Whoopie Pie recipe so that I can fill them with tasty things like peanut butter icing!

Note: both are on the plate!


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