Disappointment at Starbucks

Written by Becky

I just wanted to make a short post to say that the Whoopie Pies at Starbucks were quite the disappointment.

Now I don’t want to sound like a bake-snob but several people that tried the Starbucks Red Velvet Whoopie Pies have in fact tried MY Red Velvet Whoopie Pies and they all agreed with enthusiasm that mine are much better.

The ones from Starbucks are quite small (definitely not worth the $1.60 they are charging), rather tasteless, flat (not fluffy and moist), and are filled with a buttery mess of icing. The icing was probably the worst part – it was really quite disgusting! It wasn’t even cream cheese icing! (I should point out that although Red Velvet cake is often made with cream cheese icing, the original classic version actually uses a baked icing instead but I still prefer the cream cheese one!)

So although Starbucks is getting word out about what a Whoopie Pie is, they are making a bad name for it! Although those that haven’t had one before, like my favourite Starbucks barista Jill, still seem to like them a lot!

Courteney: That’s just because Jill hasn’t tried a good whoopie pie yet.  We’ll have to bring her one.  Also, a note about the icing: the butter baked icing that originally went with Red Velvet Cake is actually quite good if made correctly – it actually lets you taste more of the cake, rather than fusing the red velvet and cream cheese flavours together (also good!).  But not the way they make it.  I worked long and hard to perfect the proper Red Velvet icing, so I feel obliged to defend it – Starbucks doesn’t make it nearly as well!


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