On Blogging

Written by Courteney

The original idea for this site would be that Becky and I would alternate posts.  This way, we could each come up with topics (independently or together) but with an average of one entry a week, so that neither of us would feel too rushed to post, especially if one or the both of us were having a busy week.

Of course, as we know, real life doesn’t work that way.

Instead (as those of you who know me may have expected), in a burst of motivation, I set up the page.  And then I told Becky all about it and how I was planning a first entry (I don’t count the ‘Welcome to our site!’ one that took all of 10  seconds to write).  I’ve been saying for weeks and weeks that I was going to write an entry.  But then time passed.  And passed.  And passed.

And as you can all see from the results, Becky has now posted 3 times.  Me?  This is my first real post.  Go me.

So what spurred me back into writing?  Oh, a combination of things.  Like the fact that I’m having a really good week.  And that Becky has already written 3 entries, as of tonight.  And she’s stealing all of my entry ideas (she’s not really stealing them.  It’s just that great minds think alike, but people who actually go out and do things – not surprisingly – get them done first).  And the fact that I spent 4 hours reading scientific articles today (that’s a good thing, although my crossed eyes would beg to differ) and whoopie pies are a fun distraction.

But mostly because Becky finally posted the link on Facebook, so we’re really public now.  For real.  Which means all these great ideas for entries that exist only in my head?  They need to get on paper.  Time to write!


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