Exciting news for Whoopie Pies in Canada!

Written by Becky

Ok, this isn’t going to have a recipe, a picture or anything of that sort but it is exciting!

Two things:

1.) I found Marshmallow Fluff! I really didn’t expect to find it after reading several places that it is difficult to find the “real deal” outside of the Northeastern States but I found it at the first place I looked here in the Lower Mainland! I am excited to now try to make the original, classic Whoopie Pie (with a new chocolate Whoopie pie recipe). I even bought shortening as that is supposed to be part of the true Whoopie Pie. A lot of the recipes seem to ask for half butter and half shortening so what I do is 3/4 butter and 1/4 vegetable oil but I will try the shortening now (bought ALMOST trans-fat free… couldn’t find any that was totally trans-fat free though.)

2.) Starbucks is starting to sell Whoopie Pies! I haven’t seen them yet but apparently they are free for the next three days between 2 & 5 if you buy a specialty drink. I am going to have to try one of them! At first I was a little annoyed as I thought they were stealing my idea (since my big idea is to open a fantastic Whoopie Pie shop – which I will not give away my big ideas for!) but then I just realized it is great marketing for me! This way people will know what Whoopie Pies are and I won’t have to be the one to build up buzz and get people realizing how incredibly fantastic they are! It is great news!

So building on the first note: a recipe and true Whoopie Pie post will have to wait until this weekend. But for now, here is a thought: Whoopie Pies are having the best part of two cupcakes – the tops! We all know that the tops are the best but do you eat them first or last?


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