A “Hot” Whoopie Pie creation!

Written by Becky

Classic Chocolate Whoopies with Red Hot Cinnamon Filling

Ok so here is the first of the Whoopie Pies to be posted! This one served a dual purpose over Valentine’s day. The first was for a Valentine’s Day tea with some good friends and the second was for a bake sale held at work. Turned out there weren’t many left for the bake sale but that gave me an excuse to make another batch of pumpkin Whoopies (which will be blogged about in the future as I want to compare two recipes!)

Last year I made some tasty white chocolate sugar cookies and iced them with a red hot cinnamon icing for Valentine’s Day and the icing went over amazingly with my friends so I thought I would try it for Whoopie Pie filling! When I say “red  hot cinnamon” I mean that the filling is made by melting those spicy hot cinnamon hearts and using them in the icing. I had the recipe last year but since I wrote it on a random scrap of paper, I had no idea where it went and sort of just made it up this year based on memory!

Basically what I did was dump about 1/2 a cup of cinnamon hearts in a small saucepan, add enough water to just cover them and cook until the candies melted. I actually had to do it twice as the first batch I kept cooking thinking that I would be able to make a thicker candy-like consistency that would work better in the icing. It seized up. So I restarted and just melted it this time. I added about 2 Tb of butter after to keep it smooth. Then I let it cool. I beat 1/2 cup of butter, poured in the candy syrup, then added icing sugar until it was the right consistency (probably 2-3 cups). Although I don’t have a picture of the filling alone, you will see it in the finished Whoopies! I was a little disappointed with the filling as I would have liked it to be a little ‘hotter’ but I think some candies are just not as hot. I will have to figure out the best ones next year!

For the chocolate Whoopies I used the classic chocolate cookie (from the Whoopie Pies book by Sarah Billingsley & Amy Treadwell). As noted on their Facebook page, (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Whoopie-Pies/274837330630) an extra 1/4 cup of milk is required to get a cake/cookie that doesn’t crack on the top. I tried both – the original version (which did crack) first and the modified version for the 2nd tray of cookies (I just added milk to it, I didn’t remake the batter). (note: I am not writing out the recipe here as you can find it in many places on the web, here is one blog that uses the same recipe: http://www.abakedcreation.com/2010/09/classic-chocolate-whoopie-pies.html).

I think the ones that didn’t crack did look nicer but the others ones might have had a better texture. I think I might continue to look for a better Classic Chocolate recipe. This one didn’t impress me too much.

Regardless, I piped the lovely looking pink icing into the chocolate cookies and produced what was a pretty fantastic Whoopie Pie!

The tea party ladies (I would like to point out here that although this may make me sound like an 80 year old lady, I am actually only 29! My friend just likes to use her dainty china tea cups at her annual Valentine’s Day tea! And we, her friends, like to enjoy little sandwiches and other little treats with our elegant cup of tea!) loved the Whoopies and agreed that they could take over as the next great dessert!

Courteney: I was hesitant at first to give this whoopie pie a go.  I mean, Becky would probably bathe in cinnamon if she could, but I never really grew up with it, so I was skeptical.  Plus I always hated cinnamon hearts – they’re such a sharp taste!  But guys, I’ve decided this is one of my favourite whoopie pies.  It’s FREAKING AMAZING.  I took a picture of it and texted it to my friend Julie in Baltimore so I could tell her about it.  It’s THAT good.


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