Do you know the world of Whoopie Pies?

Written by Becky

So as far as I can tell, this is the first blog dedicated solely to Whoopie Pies! The funny thing about that is that I have never even had an authentic Whoopie Pie! Apparently they are a big deal in the Northeastern United States but here on the West Coast of Canada, most people have never heard of them! I started baking them a few years ago and have recently been introducing them to everyone I know! So here is your introduction to them!

Pennsylvania, where they are sometimes referred to as Gobs, and Maine both lay claim to being the original Whoopie Pie makers but the details of the actual origins aren’t clear. One story has Amish schoolchildren (or farmers) yelling “Whoopie!!” when they found the treat in their lunches while another story suggests the makers of the classic marshmallow fluff filling wrote the recipe to increase sales of their product. Still others claim that the treat was thrown out to the crowd during a playing of the hit musical “Makin’ Whoopie”. Regardless, they seem to have originated in the early 1900’s.

So I still haven’t laid out what a Whoopie Pie in fact is! Basically it is two soft cake-like cookies sandwiching a delicious filling. The classic Whoopie Pie has chocolate whoopies around a marshmallow fluff filling. Apparently marshmallow fluff isn’t even sold in the Western States, never mind to the Northern neighbour so I have no idea what this stuff is like! The closest we can get is marshmallow creme but it isn’t clear what the difference is, nor have I even tried the creme! I do have an excellent recipe for homemade marshmallow icing for the top of S’mores cupcakes that I am planning on trying out in some Whoopies.

What makes Whoopie Pies so delicious is not only the combination of cake and frosting (as you can get that with a cupcake) but the ratio. Most cupcakes have WAY too much icing on them and you end up with either mouthfulls of icing with little cake, or too much cake and too little icing in your mouth as you try to eat some of the bottom of the cake to allow for an easier bite. With a Whoopie Pie, the icing is contained (no more icing smears on your face like a cupcake) and is perfectly spread to allow for enough icing with every bite! Plus they are easily transportable! There are several places suggesting that Whoopie Pies will be the next big thing in baking!

That brings me to one of my favourite things about Whoopies: their adaptability. Although the most popular Whoopies are the chocolate & fluff or pumpkin with cream cheese frosting, I love the idea that you can make hundreds of different types of Whoopies and just as many different types of fillings! And the best part would be mixing and matching to make the Whoopie that suits you that day! One of the future posts will be solely dedicated to the running list that I have going!

I am including a couple pictures from my first Whoopie Pies from several years ago for a Christmas party. Although all the food was good, it was the Whoopies that I remember!

The plan for this blog is to post Whoopie Pie related info weekly. This will include pictures, recipes, flavour options, polls and a lot of delicious ideas!

Can you spot the Whoopie Pies? I believe these were chocolate with a peanut butter filling!

Interesting facts about Whoopie Pies:

In 2002 Ben & Jerry’s created

a “Makin’ Whoopie Pie” ice cream flavour… unfortunately it was discontinued long before I discovered the world of Whoopies!

There is an annual Whoopie Pie Festival in Pennsylvania – complete with 20,000 Whoopies in 100 flavours, Whoopie Pie eating contests, and Whoopie Queen!!

Maine is currently trying to make Whoopie Pies the official state treat  (unless the petition based out of Pennsylvania has anything to say about it – I recommend you watch the video! Quite amusing, although it messes with my theory that they are less mess than a cupcake but the guy in the video is a bit messy!) These people are passionate about their Whoopies!

They make great wedding favours!

Oreo Cakesters are almost a mass-production version of a Whoopie Pie… although they are NOT the same as the homemade versions!

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